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"The Urinal" - 55x44, Oil on Canvas, 2005

Have you ever seen a girl pee standing up?


I was looking through my portfolio and was reminded of one of my favorite creations from college and I thought would be fun to share it with you all.

I did this painting titled “The Urinal” for my senior class art show in college. My purpose for this painting was to get a strong reaction out of my viewers which was quite successful. I went to a small private conservative school and so the reactions were very diverse. Some people would laugh, some would look away in disgust, and some would stand there as if so intelligent about art and say, “I wonder what this artist is trying to tell us?” The latter was always the best response for me because it was more fun and interesting to watch the reactions of people than anything else.

"The Urinal" - 55x44, Oil on Canvas, 2005

“The Urinal” – 55×44, Oil on Canvas, 2005



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